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Welcome to my site! This site is a collection of various articles, documents, images, and "white papers" that I have produced over the years. The purpose of this site is to educate and entertain BMW enthusiasts. I'm not focusing on any one model. Much of this information is general automotive knowledge but with a specific focus on BMW cars. I have a lot to contribute to the BMW community, having been in the parts and racing industry since 1997. Even though I work in the BMW parts industry, this site will be neutral and impartial. I'm not on here to bash brands or pick apart products. Nor am I on here to hype any one manufacturer or product. There will be no product reviews here. This site is for BMW owners and enthusiasts, such as myself. So if you see something you don't like, or want a new topic, contact me through the site and I'll do my best to add it on here.

Full disclosure: I worked for Turner Motorsport for nineteen years, including 1.5 years under ECS Tuning ownership. This site was initially a reaction to ECS' decision not to reproduce these articles when they took over the Turner website. They didn't feel BMW consumers should be educated. I, however, could not let two decades of work get flushed away so I reproduced those pages here for posterity and to have something to point to when job hunting. To my relief, ECS did not kill off my pages and they still exist and reference them years after I left. I'll cover the Turner-ECS deal in a separate article. I now work in the same role (product specialist and web content) for BimmerWorld.

Broken image links: as this site was hurriedly created (see above) many of the images and links may be broken. I will continue to update, refine, and correct information on this site as I have time. As ECS took over, the server that previously hosted the images is no longer available to me (or anyone else). For now, rest assured that I do know how to host and embed images, the source is simply unavailable at this time.

Enjoy the ride!

- Douglas Drew Ingram