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ITG Foam Filter Cleaning and Re-Oiling

The ITG foam air filter in your Conforti Intake kit is designed to be re-used over many years and thousands of miles as long as the proper care and maintenance has been performed. These are not "lifetime" filters so the occassional clean is necessary to ensure their longevity.

Light Clean Interval -- every other oil change (5000-6000 miles).
Heavy Cleaning Interval -- once per year.

Light Cleaning Tips

Remove the filter from the car.

Gently shake the filter to remove loose particles. If large particles of dirt and debris will not come off, consider the Heavy Cleaning procedure or suction off with a vacum.

Apply a thin coat of oil and knead it into the foam (just to re-saturate the filter). Do not over-oil.


Heavy Cleaning Tips

Remove filter from the car.

Gently shake the filter to remove loose particles. If necessary, use a vaccum over the outside of the foam (not from the inside).

Mix a mild soap with cold water (Dawn dish soap is safe) -- 2oz of cleaner for every gallon of water would be the ratio to use.

Soak the filter in the soapy water and gently agitate the filter to remove dirt and debris. Immersion in the soap and water should be no more than 5 minutes.

Thoroughly rinse with straight cold water.

Allow to air-dry -- no blowers or high-pressure air.

Re-oil the filter using the ITG-approved filter oil. After re-oiling the foam should have a slightly tacky feeling to it. It should not be wet or drippy with oil. Just a light coating that you would barely feel on your fingertips afterward.


Keep your ITG filter clean and oiled and you'll be enjoying its benefits for years!